Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saying Hello

just wanted to stop by and say hello, sorry I been missing in action, I am now living in upstate New York , this is my second week trying to adjust..will be out looking for a job this week soon as I am all settled, I hope to get back into the psp thing...making a big move like this is not easy...but I do have to say I am more relaxed and stress free..hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day


MysticEagle57 said...

I just had to say Hi... So what part of upstate NY are you in? I am at Fort Drum... Dontcha just love the crazy weather we have been having?? LOL

Take care and BTW I love doing your tuts!!!

♥Kimmy♥ said...

hello sorry for taking so long to answer your question, since moving to ny havent had much puter time, I am in Stamford Ny,,and yes the weather has been crazy, not what im used