Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a lil summin I made

did a grab bag challenge in a group and came up with this tag...thought I would share my results with you all...Melisa and I have been friends for 6 yrs now..we met online...I live in the state of Illinois and she is in New York and let me tell you its not easy when your best friend lives 50 thousand miles away from you...I have had the opportunity to see her in person a total of 3 times and hopefully a 4th time soon..everytime I go to visit , its so hard to say goodbye....Melisa babe..I love ya girl and there truly is noone like you in this world.

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Sugar_Skull said...

Kimmy, that is such a very sweet picture of you and Melisa. Such wonderful words about your best friend and I am sure she feels 100%the same about you!