Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Need To Vent

Ok first off I want to say thank you to all my supporters
without you, I wouldnt keep on keepin on.
As some of you know I just recently open this blog
thought it would be a fun way to keep up with my
other blogging buddies and give me something to do
when I don't have the mojo to psp.....
I recieved a very nasty comment from somone
who did not leave their name(imagine that)
saying that I was not a tut writer and that my stuff
was ugly and I would never sell anything.
well first off, I never intended to sell anything
I am a psper.....not a scrapper
my templates that I have made are aimed at us
taggers not the scrapping world
I never claimed to be a scrapper. and prolly never will be
but saying my stuff is ugly is just down right mean
but please know I did not take your words to heart
it only gives me the insentive to keep going
not to sound vain , but I have many fans in the psp world
my site gets over thousands of hits a day
so your comment means nothing to me
if you dont have anything nice to say
again I want to extend many thanks to my supporters
you all are why I love what I do

1 comment:

Kimberly.3D said...

Don't worry what that jerk wrote. I am very artistic and I think your stuff is just fine. That was a rude person to do something so nasty. Shame on them. I can tell you are a wonderful beautiful person. And don't let any one tell you any thing different. Hugs!