Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm feeling really down

I went to the dentist today.....and boy you talk about sticker shock
I need major work done..if you ever notice in my pics I never
much smile..that is becuz of my teeth needing so much work
for many years I have been petrified of the dentist....
and I have neglected my mouth for many years....
so I finally get the nerve up to make the appointment
I had a full set of xrays today and an examine
my insurance will only cover 500 dollars of the work
I have to come up with 3400 hundred out of pocket
I want this done soooo badly but my funds are realy low
right now....I have been crying most of the day
but I guess I will be alright

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Jessica Woods said...

I'm so sorry your feeling so down over this. :( Will they do payment programs so that you can get this out of the way? I've gone through horrible experiances like that...except my dentist did not tell me and just sent me my bill. And there was no way I could pay the $5000 he wanted to charge and I'm not even done!! So I feel for you, and I'm so sorry. Please don't cry. :( Love, Jessica